The City of Brookville is open for business. “Proud and Progressive,” we invite your company and families to become members of our thriving community.

We support the Brookville business community with innovative ideas and a vibrant network of economic development professionals. Families are welcomed with the warmth and charm of the folks who live here and a strong educational system. We invite you to look through key information on this website and then meet us so that you may experience Brookville first hand. We look forward to personally presenting our community to you through a scheduled visit: 937-833-2135.
  1. Area Attractions

    View attractions surrounding Brookville.

  2. Block Party Request (PDF)

    This form must be completed and returned to the City Manager’s Office at least 14 days in advance of the request party date.

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  2. Frequently Asked Questions

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  3. Mayor's Welcome Letter

    Take a look at Mayor David E. Seagraves's welcome letter to you!

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  5. Periodicals

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