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Brookville was established in 1832 and the small community began to flourish in 1844 when the Wolf Creek Turnpike was opened from Dayton to Brookville. The city was actually incorporated on September 9, 1874.
Brookville is now a modern city with a thriving family and business community. We are one of the best kept secrets in Montgomery County and invite you to take a look at Brookville for your family or your business.

Brookville's Type of Government

The City of Brookville, Ohio is governed by a municipal “charter” first adopted on November 7, 1978. The charter adopted the “Mayor-Council-Manager Plan” form of municipal government. The Council consists of six Council members and a Mayor. All seven members of Council are elected on an “at large” nonpartisan basis for four year terms. The Mayor besides being a voting member of Council is its presiding officer. The office of Mayor is recognized as the ceremonial head of the City and is also given certain specific civil responsibilities. The Mayor in Brookville lacks the power of veto. The current Mayor and Council Members may hold no other position within the City government.

The City Manager's Responsibilities

The City Manager is the chief executive, administrative, and law enforcement officer of the City. The City Manager is appointed by a majority vote of Council. As such, the City Manager is responsible for the enforcement of City ordinances, signs contracts and hires as well as removes all other employees of the municipality. An individual appointed to this position must become a resident of the City within six months of their appointment. The City Manager serves an indefinite term until he or she resigns or is removed by action of the majority of Council.

At a Glance

Brookville City Information
Brookville City Facts
Agricultural / Residential Effective Rate
55.04 mills
Brookville Schools Portion
65.04 mills
Business & Industries
More than 160
City Charter Effective January 1, 1979
City Portion of Property Tax
1.30 mills
Commercial / Industrial Effective Rate 64.31 mills
County Portion of Property Tax 18.24 mills
Date Settled April 13, 1850
Form of Government Mayor-Council-Manager Plan
Land Area 3.4 square miles
Library Millage 1.25 mills
Miles of Streets 34
Municipal Tax 2%
Number of Residences 2,358 (2000 census)
Population 5,289 (2000 census)
Real Estate Assessed at 35% of market value
School District Income Tax None
Status Home Rule Charter City
Tangible personal property tax has been eliminated from taxation throughout Ohio Fire Insurance Rating 6
Total Property Tax Millage 91.89 mills
Village of Brookville Incorporated September 9, 1874