Patrol Operation

Traffic Enforcement

Our number one goal in our traffic enforcement is keeping the citizens of Brookville and the general motoring public safe on a daily basis. We focus on high traveled residential areas for traffic enforcement. We also base those enforcement areas on citizens complaints.

Our desire in traffic enforcement is not just to issue traffic citations but to make ourselves a visible part of the community and reduce traffic crashes or the potential for dangerous hazards on our roadways.

Bike Patrol

The Brookville Police Department's Bike Patrol Unit was formed as a community policing resource. The overall goal of the unit is to facilitate a partnership between the police department and the community we serve. The primary objectives of the bike patrol unit include crime prevention, patrol of residential areas, businesses and parks as well as promoting bicycle safety. The bike patrol unit assists with a variety of special events that happen in our community. The officers of the unit also conduct bicycle safety presentations and demonstrations at the Brookville Schools and other locations.

Foot Patrol

The department is well aware our foot patrols are important. Making face to face contact with our businesses and the people in our community is one of the most valuable tools we possess for fostering the relationship between our police department and our community as a whole. We will continue to interact in our community with foot patrols as much as our officers have time to do so and look forward to talking to you.