About Us

While our Brookville Commercial Campus offers over 240 acres of shovel-ready property, our housing character promotes our small town charm. Our sense of community provides the safe neighborhoods associated with a quality school system.

Recreational Opportunities are endless in the Brookville region. Our four city parks comprised of 120 acres of green space and neighboring Sycamore State Park make Brookville one of the most popular "walkable communities."

Today, we offer the commercial, industrial, and retail opportunities that developers compete for and quality neighborhoods that homeowners wish for, making us one of the best kept secrets in Montgomery County. Visit our "Proud and Progressive" community, then stay awhile. Soak in an excellent quality of life, Brookville - style!
  1. Economy

    Take a look at what makes Brookeville's economy unique.

  2. Housing & Zoning

    View contact information on housing and zoning for Brookville City.

  3. Population

    Brookville’s population is expected to increase through the year 2025.

  4. Workforce

    Our workforce is made up of individuals who possess the work ethic employers seek and the product of an elevated educational standard parents demand.