Chaplain's Page

What Does a Police Chaplain Do?

The City of Brookville Police Chaplain offers guidance and assistance to people in crisis experiences. A Chaplain also serves as a link for communication between people in crises and their own spiritual advisors. The Police Chaplain is appointed by the Chief of Police to be an aid to the City of Brookville Police Officers and the City of Brookville community, to provide spiritual guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis. The Police Chaplain strives to be a particularly close friend to the officers and citizens of Brookville.

The Police Chaplain is aware of the fact that the Police Officer's job is an extremely difficult one, being constantly in the presence of danger and under constant pressure and tension. Because of this, the Police Chaplain strives to create such a relationship with the officer that he/she would feel free to turn to him for counsel at any time. The Chaplain works closely with the officers on patrol and is on call at all times to assist in those cases where his/her counsel and advice might be helpful. Likewise, a Chaplain is available to the officer's family and to all who are associated in any way with the Police Department. Police Chaplains make every effort to be available to listen to the problems and concerns within the Department and to share the grief, sorrows, and the joys, both individually and collectively.

Police Chaplain's Duties

The duties of the Police Chaplain may include, but are not limited to:
  • Accompanying a police officer to assist with notification of any suicide, death or serious injury.
  • Riding along with officers on routine patrol on various shifts.
  • Working with police officers to assist in any kind of crisis situation where the presence of a trained chaplain might help.
  • Counseling Department members in response to stress or family crisis problems. Any such assistance will be privileged and confidential between the officer and chaplain involved.
  • Visiting with sick or injured members of the Department at their home or in the hospital.
  • Offering prayers at special occasions such as recruit graduations, award ceremonies and dedications of buildings, etc.
  • Serving on review boards and/or other committees.
  • Advising the Chief of Police in all matters of a religious nature involving the Police Department and performance of law enforcement duties in the community. Further, Chaplains shall act as liaison with local ministerial associations and on matters pertaining to the moral, spiritual, and religious welfare of police personnel.
  • Assisting the Police Department in the performance of appropriate ceremonial functions.
  • Providing practical assistance to victims.
  • Assisting on suicide incidents.
  • Assisting with specialized teams (Crisis Response, Hostage Negotiation, SWAT, etc.) only after the receiving the appropriate, and specialized training.