Gateway Park is a focal point when entering the city. Over 12,000 cars a day travel along Arlington Road.  
    Golden Gate Park located on the comer of Arlington and Upper Lewisburg-Salem Roads. This park has been used for more than 100 years for public outings. The park hosts a variety of organized sports activities, picnic areas, and shelter houses to rent. Golden Gate Park also holds a modern community theater, with several productions scheduled each year.  
    In the year 2000, a Castle Playground was built in Golden Gate Park by the citizens and businesses of Brookville.  
    Westbrook Park now houses the Brookville Soccer Complex, with entrances off of Arlington and Westbrook Roads. The Soccer Complex has four various size soccer fields, a modern playground facility and several shelters.  
    Ward Park was given to the City in 1927 by A.R. Ward. This park is located on S. Wolf Creek Street with an entrance also off of Maple Street, and has a modern playground facility and a picnic shelter.  
      Gruening Park is located on Market Street and was given to the City in 1972 by Helen B. Hill.  
      Brookville SK8 Park was recently turned over to the park board by the Brookville City Council. It is popular with young residents who use the skate park. The Brookville SK8 Park is located at the rear of 301 Sycamore Street.  

Wolf Creek Rail Trail entrance is next to Golden Gate Park. The trail is built on the smooth and gentle grade of a former railroad and passes over two bridges and a large limestone culvert. The trail passes by the original train depots in both Trotwood and Brookville. These historic structures are now museums.