United States Air Force Museum
Aircraft Galleries, US Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, Ohio
Over 300 Aircraft & Missiles on Display Open 9 to 5 daily - Free
USAF Museum
1100 Spaatz St.
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433



Carriage Hill Metro Park Farm
Carriage Hill is nearly 1000 acres of which a portion is set aside as a historical farm where you can step back in time and experience rural life of the 1880s. Carriage Hill also offers the reserve where you can hike, fish, picnic or ride the bridle trails. There is a visitor's center with an exhibit and a Country Store.
7860 E. Shull Road
Dayton, Ohio 45424


Brookville Community Theatre
Season Tickets - 937-833-3531
Brookville Community Theatre
PO Box 256,
Brookville, OH 45309-0256